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Salem-Keizer Area Transportation Study (SKATS)

Metropolitan Transportation Safety Action Plan (MTSAP)

Improving everyone’s safety, no matter how they get around.

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Who is SKATS?

SKATS is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Salem-Keizer area. We coordinate with local jurisdictions on regional transportation projects and distribute federal funds for projects to improve the transportation system, such as new sidewalks and bike facilities, pedestrian safety crossings, buses and transit shelters, intersection upgrades, etc. We’re developing a Metropolitan Transportation Safety Action Plan (MTSAP) to address safety concerns related to driving, walking, biking, and rolling in the Salem-Keizer area.

What’s an MTSAP?

The MTSAP will recommend safety policies and actions as well as goals to measure how well they work. We’ll study crash data, analyze safety issues, and talk with the public to make sure the plan reflects community concerns and experiences.

From 2015 to 2019 there was an average of 3700 crashes per year, resulting in 3000 injuries, 100 serious injuries, and 18 fatalities each year within the Salem-Keizer-Turner area. On average, 150 of these crashes each year involve a bicyclist or pedestrian, resulting in 6 fatalities and 12 serious injuries.

This plan will help guide investments in regional roads over the next few years to improve everyone’s safety - no matter how they get around.

How does it affect you?

Our goal is to make Salem-Keizer area roads safer for you and your loved ones to get around, whether you drive, bike, walk or use transit. But to accomplish that, we need to hear from you!

Tell us what you feel needs improvement, what needs to be addressed first, and what’s working well.

We especially want to hear from those who have been historically left out of public planning, such as people of color and people with low income.

Tell us your safety concerns

Our project objectives:

  • Draft a metro-area plan that guides safety projects and other plans by local agencies in the SKATS region.
  • Develop long-term goals and solutions that will reduce fatal and serious injury crashes.
  • Develop a list of priority projects that support our long-term safety goals.
  • Help community members learn about the safety data and how they can help reduce crashes.
  • Listen to the public and get their input on safety concerns and issues in the region. The project team will especially focus on Latinx people, people with low income, youth, people with disabilities, and older people.
  • Create resources and direction for grant submissions and identify funding to build projects.


Winter 2022-2023Spring 2023Summer 2023Winter 2023Winter 2023/2024Spring 2024
Crash Data evaluation and Safety AnalysisOpen House #1 and Community MeetingsDevelop draft strategiesOpen House #2Draft MTSAPFinalize and approve MTSAP

Tell us what you think!

Use the map below to let us know where you have safety concerns about driving, walking, biking and rolling in the Salem-Keizer area.

Want to share feedback with us but not on this map? Check out the Comment Form to get in contact with us.

Project Steering Committee

The Steering Committee

The SKATS MTSAP Steering Committee (SC) is a group of community representatives, subject matter experts, and agency staff. The Steering Committee will guide the plan’s development, review the final plan, and make a recommendation to the SKATS Policy Committee. The Policy Committee will approve the final plan, which may be incorporated into local transportation system plans.

Meeting Schedule

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Project Documents

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Mike Jaffe (Project Manager)